Thursday, April 1, 2010

School Egg Hunt

Mason had his Easter Egg Hunt at school this morning. His teachers had such a great idea! Each kid brought an egg carton and used it to collect their eggs. This way each child hunted for the same number of eggs and no one had more than anyone else. So smart, Miss Sara and Miss Andrea!

Mason is showing off his eggs here! He barely made it in the door this afternoon without opening them all up to see what goodies were hidden inside.

Hudson had to help with the hunt, too!

He just had to check to see what was inside:)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Good Friday and Easter Holiday!

I love when Mason reminds me of the true meaning of holidays. When he got in the car today, I asked what he learned in chapel. He told me they put flowers on a cross because that is where Jesus died. I told him that Jesus died for us and we would get to see him in Heaven one day. A huge smile spread across his face! I love teaching my babies about my Heavenly Father.


Shepard said...

What a great post. Love those boys! They look so grown up. We must see you guys soon.


The Wests said...

too cute! call me next week and we will go to the park