Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baseball Players

Mason really enjoys playing baseball in the backyard. So, last weekend Scott bought a "real" bat and baseballs, along with bases for him to practice "big boy" baseball. He impressed us with his skills!

Hudson isn't going to let Big Brother out do him. He's ready for baseball, too! It was so cute watching him run after Mason around the bases.

Loving these boys!


Rikki said...

Oh they are too cute!!! Mason is a natural! I think I see Aggie Baseball in your future! Mason and Hudson unbeatable team!!

katie newton said...

WOW!! What a slugger!!! And I love how Hudson is just keeps hitting when yall say "Run the bases!" :):) Good job posting the videos mom!

Whitney Grace said...

Love it Kim...Mason has some serious talent!!!!