Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

Mason, Brooklyn, Caitlyn, Addyson, and Hudson ready to start Trick or Treating! We met at Dodie and PeeWee's house and made the rounds. Mason and Brooklyn lead the pack, running from house to house! They were adorable!

My pirates were too busy for a picture, so this will have to do!

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Festivities...so far!!!

Halloween isn't even here yet, but we have been celebrating since last weekend. My pictures are out of sequence, but you can see a little of what we have been up to. Here is Mason with his two sweet friends, Whitney and Waverley at his party at school.

Mason's whole 3-year old class after Trunk or Treating this afternoon. They all had a blast going to each trunk and filling their bags with all of the great treats!

I love Mason's expression as he is checking out all of the decorated trunks. There were spiders, scarecrows, Batman, pumpkins and much more!

Hudson's class collected lots of goodies, too. They were a little more skeptical about all of the decorations, but they loved their candy!!

Hudson carrying his heavy load! Actually, he didn't want to put any of his candy in his bucket. He carried as much as he could in his hands and when they were full, he would pass the candy to me to hold. If I put it in his bucket, he would just scream and take it out. I guess he thought someone might get it if he wasn't holding onto it!!!

Hudson, Mason, Carter and Ally before school.

Dodie had a Halloween Party at her house last weekend. When the party was over, she gathered the grandkids to carve pumpkins. They had a great time and Dodie carved some awesome pumpkins!

Mason playing the Witch Ring Toss at the Halloween Party.

Hudson checking out the Hula Hoops.

Brooklyn, Caitley, Addyson and Mason before the fun began!

I took the boys to the pumpkin patch to check out all of the different pumpkins. I couldn't get a good picture of them except when they each took a break and had a seat on a pumpkin. At least it's a picture, right?

Mason and his choosen pumpkin.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Dove Hunt 2010

Mason, Scott, Carter and Mr. Sam went Dove Hunting last Friday evening and had a blast! Mason was so excited to "shoot" some birds with his buddy (don't worry it's just a BB Gun!) Sam and Scott shot the birds, then let Carter and Mason "shoot." Mason has been begging to go back every day since. Hopefully they will have many more hunts together!

Mason and Carter ( I don't know why the picture is flipped, sorry!)

My boys before the hunt. Hudson was sad he didn't get to go, but it won't be long until he's tagging along!

Cash even got to go along for the hunt!

Mason so excited he could barely stand still for a picture!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Mother's Day Out 2010

Both of my babies started Mother's Day Out today. Mason woke up ready to go to school and see his teachers and friends, but Hudson was a little more skeptical. But the good new is, they both went into their classes without a problem and were smiling and happy when I picked them up this afternoon!

I really wanted a picture of both of them this morning, but Hudson was not participating. This is the best that I could get!

Mason ready for his first day in the 3 year old class.

Hudson ready for his first day in the Toddler class.

Hudson heading down the sidewalk toward school. I don't know how he got this big!

Mason and Hudson ready with their backpacks and lunch boxes in hand.

Hudson, Mason and Whitney meeting in the parking lot. The sun was a little bright this morning! Mason is lucky enough to have Whitney in his class. He told me they even sat together at lunch. Well, actually Whitney sat by him because she likes him so much, is what he said! How cute!

Big brother showing Hudson the ropes as they wait for the doors to open to head to their classrooms. Hudson got a little clingy when we got inside the school, but was fine after we found his classroom.

Hudson in his class, playing with the puppy puzzle.

Mason checking in before he starts the day in his class

And since the boys were being well cared for at school, several Mommy's got together for brunch at Margo's and treated ourselves to pedicures!

Happy First Day of School!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lost Pines Vacation 2010

This past weekend, our family went to Lost Pines in Bastrop for one last get-away before the boys start Mother's Day Out. We have heard so many wonderful things about it, so we had to try it out. It was amazing! The boys played hard for two days straight. They swam in the pool, floated the Lazy River, ran on the splash pad, rode bikes, played on the playground, went on a wagon ride, roasted Smores, and much more. They even had a kid-sized buffet with "kid foods" like mac and cheese, hamburgers, fruit and cookies, of course. If your family is looking for a "kid-friendly" place to vacation, this was a great spot!

The kid's buffet!

Scott and Mason in front of a huge Pecan Tree.

The cute playhouse on the back porch of the hotel. Mason called it "Mason's Hotel" all weekend and designated one room as his and the other as Hudson's.

Mason loved riding this tricycle all weekend. They even had small ride-on toys for Hudson, but he'd rather try to ride the big bikes with training wheels. Oh my!

We did lots of relaxing!

Chilling out in the Lobby.

Roasted Marshmellows and made Smores on the last night.

Got to check out the Lost Pines Longhorns, T-Bone and Ribeye. Aren't those appropriate names for cows?

And even went on a horse-drawn wagon ride around the facilities.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Hobby

The golfer getting ready

Pee Wee giving some pointers

Uncle Bubba getting his stance and grip all lined up

Look at that form. A pro already!

Watching his ball down the fairway

Putting it in

Cooling off!

I think Mason has found his new hobby! Scott, my dad and brother took Mason golfing yesterday for the first time. When Mason heard that Scott was going to play golf, he was determined to go with him. So off they went in the heat of the day to play. I was on stand-by because we all assumed he would play one hole and be bored and hot. But, that was not the case at all! He stayed and played all 18 holes!!!! Can you believe it? He had the best time and was already asking this morning if he could play golf today. He even slept with a golf ball last night! I see many more golfing adventures ahead!:)